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Simon Tyler Coaching


Can you develop your attitude to improve your personal and professional health? I believe you can. Drawing on my bestselling works "The Attitude Book" and "The 'Keep It Simple' Book", I will inspire you to reframe your attitude and give yourself the boost you need.


Simon Tyler is a professional speaker, business consultant and executive coach who has also written 5 books. His most recent work, "The Attitude Book" explores the power of your attitude on your personal and professional success, explaining how you can control your attitude and how it impacts on your outcomes. 

10.15 - 11.00

Graeme Vousden 

A talk about water; who has it, who doesn’t and what that means. There is plenty of water in the world, but not everyone can access it. For those who have to search for water, often only poor quality water, it can have devastating effects on their health, wealth, happiness and survival. Hear in this talk about the ways in which some people are living without safe water and compare it to how we live in the UK.

Graeme is an engineer that after visiting a school in Africa struggling for clean water, was moved to start a charity to provide safe water in Africa.


Niamh Ni Shuilleabhain

University of Bath


This talk considers topics like health, social media, digital tech, movement and how we treat each other so we can consider how we can work together to make our schools and communities more accepting places for all bodies.

Niamh's PhD is a collaboration with the national charity for eating disorders Anorexia and Bulimia Care and her research involved working with schools in the South West of England to explore teaching and learning surrounding the body and body dissatisfaction.


Natalia Sanchidrian


We are destined to shine but people don't reach their maximum potential because they try to fulfill the expectations of others. 

Through overcoming my own adversity, I share with you the importance of understanding how to manage our emotional health. 

Natalia is the author of a trilogy of books published by Planeta in Spain. She has appeared on many TV panels in Spain & the U.S offering her expertise in overcoming adversity. Together with Spain’s leading medical practitioners, Natalia has developed specialised programmes for eating disorders & overcoming childhood trauma.  We are very privileged that Natalia has flown over for Madrid just to take part in Spark and offer her knowledge to our community.


Helen Eaton


There’s a lot of media attention focused  on Autism right now, but it can be hard to make sense of it all. This talk firstly strips down to the bare facts of Autism, then explores the real strengths and potential of Autistic brains.


Everyday functioning can at times be very challenging for Autistic people and so the common difficulties are explained along with practical ideas to help better understand and support those we live with or work with, or even ourselves.

Helen and associates deliver Autism awareness, communication, leadership and management courses for a range of organisations. 


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